Justin Price

Audiobook Narrator

Justin is an Earphones Award-winning, noir-themed storyteller with a penchant for comedy and dark thoughts. His devotion to creeping inside the minds of characters shows in his colorful narration.

Armed with an English degree and a burning love for the scent of libraries and old books, Justin has spent the last few decades uncovering the essence of story. This diligence has instilled him with a knack for spinning yarns.

In fiction, he really loves Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, Detective Noir, Westerns, Humor, and Literary Fiction. In non-fiction, give him a good American History, World War History, or True Crime book and he’ll be in heaven. (But he’s willing to try just about any genre, because he loves books as a general rule.)

He lives in sunny Florida with his loving family, but longs for a haunted mansion somewhere dreary and destitute.

Justin’s spirit animal is Humphrey Bogart.




Non Fiction

A Line In the Sand


Teri Wilson

Genre: Romance

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