Justin Allen Price

Audiobook Narrator

“Price's vocal skills make this troubling portrait of a flawed man required listening.

“Price’s steady, even-keeled delivery is a perfect match for the methodical Matt, who is unfazed by almost everything at this point in his life.”


Justin is an Earphones Award-winning, noir-themed audiobook narrator with a penchant for comedy and dark thoughts. His devotion to creeping inside the minds of characters shows in his colorful narration.

Armed with an English degree, a burning love for the scent of libraries and old books, classical theater training, and an obstinate defense of the Oxford comma, Justin has spent the last few decades uncovering the essence of story. This diligence has instilled him with a knack for spinning yarns.

In fiction, he really loves Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, Detective Noir, Westerns, Humor, and Literary Fiction. In non-fiction, give him a good True Crime, Biography, or American or World War History and he’ll be in heaven. (But he’s willing to try just about any genre, because he loves books as a general rule.)

He lives in sunny Florida with his loving family, but longs for a haunted mansion somewhere dreary and destitute.

Justin’s spirit animal is Humphrey Bogart.




Non Fiction

Someone To Hold


Marie Force

Genre: Romance

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